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I have query about css new reforms. Which fields are eligible for attempting css exam 2020. And which are ineligible?

A list of eligibility courses is in circle I want to know about its accuracy.

Here is the list:
Engineering ineligible
(Railways belongs Mechanical Engineer only this one)

MBBS ineligible
Pharmacy ineligible
BDS ineligible
Psychology ineligible
Msc Physics ineligible
Msc Maths inelgible
Msc Chemistry ineligible
MSc Biology ineligible
Msc Biotech ineligible
M.A Urdu ineligible
M.A English ineligible
M.A Farsi ineligible
M.A Pashto ineligible
M.A Sihdi ineligible
M.A Arabic ineligible
MBA H.R ineligible
MBA Marketing ineligible

Msc Computer Science and IT Eligible for IT GROUP

MBA Finance M.A Economics Eligible for IRS Inland Group and PAAS Audit account Group Commerce & Trade Group (PCG)

M.A IR eligible for Forieng Services FSP.

M.A Criminolgy and Law for Police

M.A Political Science, Public AD are eligible for

Pakistan Customs Services (PCS)
Military Lands & Cantonment Group (MLCG)
Office Management and Secretariat Group (OMG)
Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS)
Postal Group (PG)